Why Online Gambling Laws Are Created

There are a lot of people these days that prefer to do online gambling rather than visiting a real casino. They believe that it is more safe and convenient to go online and play their favorite casino game. However, there are now laws created regarding online gambling. Thus, it is important that online gamblers should learn about these laws in order to keep away from getting in serious trouble.

Why Online Gambling Laws Are Created

Aside from the common law that gambling should only be permitted to individuals at legal age; there are also particular gambling laws that are only applicable to online gambling. Just like online gambling laws in some countries where they restrict any form of online gambling regardless if the player is at legal age. On the other hand, other countries permit online gambling but don’t allow direct money transfer from their bank to online casino sites.

These online gambling laws aim to protect the citizens against online fraud because this involves great amount of cash which could be hacked during online money transfer. Aside from concerns regarding money, online gambling laws are also made to protect underage individuals to be exposed with any form of gambling.

Why Online Gambling Laws Are Created

Gambling, be it in online casino or in a real casino greatly influences the mind of individuals who find it interesting. Because of this, governments from various countries look for ways to implement online gambling rules to at least limit its negative effects to their citizens.

It is hard to monitor if online gambling rules is being followed but the authorities will never get tired of pushing it in order to put everything in order. If you are a minor and very interested with this, think of other things instead of considering the idea of involving yourself in the world of online gambling.


The US Wire Wager Act Defined

Online gambling is considered as one of the powerful entertainment. Aside from the presence of great pleasure, winning great prizes makes many people get hooked with such activities. From time to time, various games are being introduced while others are being modified to keep the thrill alive.

The US Wire Wager Act Defined

Traditional and Online casinos have great difference. Obviously, online gambling sites are operated by computer programs where the interaction between the dealers and gamers is absent. Also, playing online gives the players the convenience of playing without any interruption since there’s no conversation between players that’s taking place. Also, bets and winnings in an online casino are being transmitted electronically.

Entertaining it may sound, but don’t you know that it can put you at risk also? Yes, it can especially if you are paying attention on the legality of such activities.

Generally speaking, laws concerning online gambling differ from country to country, depending upon the cultural background of a certain country. That’s why, online gamblers must be aptly aware of such laws existing in their area.

In United States it is technically prohibited for any person to play in an online gambling site. This is because the US Wire Wager Act prohibits any person within the US to use electronic wire methods on passing bets and transmitting winnings. While on the other hand, the US authority has no jurisdiction over a person betting outside US through an online gambling site based in US.

The US Wire Wager Act is a federal law stating the prohibition of the operation of certain betting business within United States. This law was enacted by the US Congress on 1961 and was known originally as Interstate Wire Act of 1961. This federal law provides that any person within the territory of United States engaging in betting or wagering business through electronic wiring methods of placing bets or wagers shall be punished through imprisonment or fine or worst both. The said Act of 1961 is meant to help the states of the US government in enforcing laws on gambling as well as curbing different gambling operations.

The US Wire Wager Act is not only helping the government but also the user himself. Through keeping oneself informed about the law, he is protected from any form of scams that are widely happening in the world of online gaming. Yes, that’s a fact! Many online gamers who end up being scammed by illicit gaming or gambling websites and the worst case is getting justice from such crime is not that easy.

Usually, before a user can register with an online gambling site, he is required to agree on the terms and conditions of the website and sadly, most users just agree without reading and understanding them. Basically, it is important for one to find out the legality of a certain website otherwise; sanctions could be executed upon you.


The Good Thing about Online Gambling Laws

People these days are getting more and more interested in online gambling. The reason for the increase in their interest is more on the convenience side. Online gambling is available anytime you want. There is no need to go and drive for miles in order to play your favorite casino games. However, there are also drawbacks in online gambling; thus, it is not widely accepted in some countries. Some of the reasons include the increasing number of people who are getting addicted to gambling because this is known to be a psychological condition that is not easily treated.

The Good Thing about Online Gambling Laws

The Advantages of Online Gambling Laws in General

  • This will not only protect the bettors but also the operators of those online gambling casinos.
  • Online gambling laws prohibit online gambling as the source of any form of crime.
  • It limits the fast spread of online gambling that may result to greater influence to people when it comes to betting.
  • It protects the spread of any form of scams that involves great amount of money when it comes to placing bets and transfer of winnings.
The Good Thing about Online Gambling Laws

The Advantages of Online Gambling Laws on Citizens and Bettors

  • Online gambling laws aim to protect those that are underage from being corrupted with the idea of online gambling.
  • This will limit any occurrence of fraud that could happen during online money transfer.
  • Bettors will be assured that they are connected to online casinos that are licensed to operate.
  • Foreign bettors will get to know their gambling rights when engaging in the said activity while in the foreign places.
  • There are greater chances of winning because there is an assurance that the gambling games they are placing their bets will surely guarantee real deals.

How to Know About Online Gambling Laws

You can just go online and search in the internet. There are a lot of sites that tackle about online gambling laws. The good thing is that you can search specific online gambling laws for each country. You can have detailed information about how they run their rules and regulation regarding the matter. Some of the online gambling laws in other countries mandate a strict rule about prohibiting the operation of any forms of online gambling. However, there are other countries or states that legalize it with certain restrictions to follow.

The Good Thing about Online Gambling Laws

It is a very good thing that online gambling laws are created. This won’t only benefit the gamblers and bettors but the gambling institution or company as well. It is vital that before engaging to any form of gambling, you have to make sure that you have clearly understood everything. This will help you to avoid facing legal matters in due time. Depending on the state or country you are in, you have to be very vigilant. Even if this form of gambling activity only happens online, still it can lead you to very serious situations. In the end, everything is up to you so you must take full responsibility for your actions.


The Advantages and Disadvantages of Legalizing Online Gambling

Online gambling is a form of internet-based entertainment where one can enjoy winning freebies and cash prizes. Many have said that it’s a harmful social evil form of entertainment. Some on the other hand; disagree since they see it as a perfect means of recreation. Also, others are convinced that it’s a good source of revenues for the parties involved. With these arguments, legalizing online gambling is a controversial issue today.

Now, let us check out the pros and cons on legalizing online gambling.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Legalizing Online Gambling

The Advantages

Just like land based casinos, online casinos are also required to pay taxes to get license to operate. They can give benefit to the government’s revenue too and this is one way of helping the economy. Also, people who are into gambling can just stay at home and play their favorite casino games online and in this way people going out at night just to be in the casino houses will be lessened; hence, accidents and crimes can also be reduced.

The Disadvantages

One of the biggest points on the disadvantages on legalizing online gambling is the negative effect it gives to the gamblers, because usually gamblers have the tendency to overdo it and can cause issues at home or in the family. Another is the arising of laundering rate. We can’t deny the fact that some are operating online for scamming. Thus, cybercrime rates can increase.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Legalizing Online Gambling

The bottom line here is that gambling refers to the process of risking money to gain more. So you have to first consider that something is at stake and if the possibility of losing outweighs winning then, take the safest way. And another thing, if you know it’s illegal in your area then avoid getting in conflict with the law.


Some Legal Factors to Consider About US Online Gambling

Among the hottest market in terms of online gambling is the United States. However, US law concerning online gambling remains gray. Thus it’s very important for one to consider significant legal factors when engaging online gambling within the territory.

Some Legal Factors to Consider About US Online Gambling
  • Social gambling

One may ask, what is ‘social gambling’? This is when no player is able to earn prizes as cash more than a normal player. With this, one has to ascertain if playing for money in a social perspective is permitted in a certain state.

  • Express internet prohibition

This aspect simply means if a state has imposed a particular law which bans the offering and playing of gambling games online. Remember though that even if the state didn’t pass any law which prohibits the operation of online games, it doesn’t mean that it’s legal to gamble there. Thus, one must consider looking into some information concerning the state’s law regarding the prohibited online casino games.

  • Dominant factor test applied
Some Legal Factors to Consider About US Online Gambling

This factor involves a test if the game is based on ‘chance’ or ‘skill’. It is said to be legal when the game displays a mechanics of skill from the players. Otherwise, if the game is merely based on chance where skill is not needed to win, then it’s a violation with the anti-gambling statute in most states. Thus, online operators see to it that their games enforce the point that ‘skill’ is required in the game.

  • Penalty breaking a gambling law

In this case, let us consider two different forms of penalties, ‘misdemeanor and felony’. In some states, violating online gambling law would incur misdemeanor where the basis of the sentence is the place like a city, country or a state penitentiary. On the other hand, felony, which is considered by some other states, is based on the duration or period of the sentence.


Online Gambling Laws in the United States

Online gambling laws vary in each country. In the United States, gambling are legalized by Federal law but it is still prohibited in specific states. Some of the states that legalize gambling includes New Jersey and Nevada though there have been many states that also passed the laws about legalizing gambling. However, when it comes to online gambling, it is prohibited within the states.

Online Gambling Laws in the United States

The US online gambling law was passed in 2006. The congress created the Unlawful Internet Gambling Reinforcement Act or (UIGEA). The law states that all the banks and other payment institutes are prohibited to transfer any amount of money related to online gambling. This law has made many online gaming players hard when it comes to depositing and withdrawing money from their online accounts. But this doesn’t stop the online casinos from accepting players from the US.

However, the Unlawful Internet Gambling Reinforcement Act has affected the online gambling business as well as its players. Most of the reputable online casinos has left the US market and decided to try their luck to other countries. For players, it was a hassle because they find it hard to get connected and be able to experience an exciting gambling game.

Online Gambling Laws in the United States

As the year’s passes, some of the biggest online casinos have found a way to process money transfer and withdrawal for online gambling. Thus, it is at its peak again. But not long enough, the US department of Justice has charged some of the biggest online gambling sites which operate online poker. The incident happens in the 15th day of April 2011. The case that was charge has something to do with money laundering, illegal gambling offenses and illegal gambling proceeds.

Today, the US government is yet to decide whether or not to legalize online gambling. But online players and online casinos are still evident in the online world. More and more people are getting hooked to it. With its many exciting games and lots of money at stake if they win, who wouldn’t be enticed? Players especially those online will be more than happy if US will definitely legalize it.

Online Gambling Laws in the United States

There is actually no serious harm is online gambling as long as it is done in the right way. Both ends should be responsible with their actions especially in following rules and regulations regarding online gambling to make everything run smoothly. Gambling laws are implemented to protect and not to harm anyone.


Online Gambling and its Legality

With the breakthrough of internet, legal authorities have found it hard to keep track of many online legal issues, and online gambling is not an exemption. Since the conception of online gambling until today, many people from around the globe have been into such arguments. Well, its legality is really an issue as much the traditional gambling issues are not yet over.

Online Gambling History

Internet gambling started at the Caribbean region specifically in Antigua and Barbuda where Free Trade and Processing Zone Act is implemented and protected them. As they were known to be offshore casinos, they are definitely legal. However, since it is online and can be accessed by many people from across the world, indulging to such gambling activities can be easy and this is why its legality has been questioned by many.

Online Gambling and its Legality

Legality Issue Remains Gray

As previously mentioned, internet gambling is legal on some parts of the world like Antigua and Barbuda, but how about those who are from countries where online gambling is illegal? Let us set an example: In United States, internet casino is not legal because of the U.S. Wire Wager Act that prohibits an American Citizen to make bets or transmit gambling winnings electronically. But, how about for someone in U.S. to gamble online that is based in a place where it is legal? Definitely, the casino is held liable in the said scenario. But, on the other hand, it would be hard for the U.S. government to prosecute a person offshore.

Online Gambling and its Legality

Fact remains that, as much as online gambling is present, gamblers are also there. Definitely such activities are really entertaining and have become a life for many internet users, the matter would still remain an issue and it would not be an easy thing to prosecute both makers and users.


Legalities of Online Gambling in Singapore

In some countries, online gambling are said to be illegal. However, there are also some that legalized online gambling under certain conditions provided by their local law. An example of which is Singapore.

In Singapore, authorities have paid attention on the negative effect of gambling. Thus, people need to pay for a license to legally operate. It was on 2013 that the government banned online gambling. Also, the parliament passed the Remote Gambling Bill just recently. With this, games like live baccarat online are made illegal in Singapore. Among the reasons for banning such gambling online activities is the addictive factor and to protect the youth from its further negative implications. Discussed below are some of the important points provided under the Remote Gambling Bill.

Legalities of Online Gambling in Singapore

Online Gambling Operators’ Responsibility and Base

Along with the banning of some online gambling activities, the Singaporean government allows some certain types of internet gambling and this license only covers sports betting and lotteries. However, it is provided that operators must be socially responsible in their operation and put a certain percentage of their revenue to charity. Remote gambling license are only granted to operators based within the territory.

Repercussions for Unlicensed Gambling Sites

If the requirements and conditions provided under the Remote Gambling Bill are not met, then the operation is deemed illegal. Not only the operator will be dealt with, but also the players involved. Also, unlicensed websites will be blocked by the government. Aside from blocking the website, operators and players involved would be fined for a certain amount, or could be held in prison or worst, both.

Having known some provisions under the Remote Gambling Bill of Singapore perhaps, it would be your time to dig deeper about it especially if you are in Singapore before engaging in internet gambling to avoid conflicts with the law.


Learning How to Abide by the Online Gambling Laws in UK

Any form of online gambling is legal in the Kingdom of Great Britain. Unlike any other countries, it is okay to place bet or operates online gambling sites as long as you abide by the rules implemented by the government. In 2005, gambling Act was implemented which requires the operators of any online gambling sites to secure a license before any operation takes place.

Learning How to Abide by the Online Gambling Laws in UK

Specifics One Must Abide in Getting License

  • The operator should state where he intends to operate his online gambling.
  • They should state specific address where the documents should be addressed so that documents could be served on them.
  • It is also important for applicants to state whether or not he or any of his principles has done and convicted with an offence.

Why Does Online Gambling Act Implemented

  • This is to ensure that the online gambling site is operated and conducted in an open and fair way.
  • This also aims to protect those who are not yet of legal age or any vulnerable individuals from being exposed or harmed by any form of online gambling.
  • It is also to prevent any online gambling to be a part of a possible crime or disorder. Being a source of a crime or even support any form of crime.
Learning How to Abide by the Online Gambling Laws in UK

Necessary Requirements In order for Online Casinos to Operate

  • They need to secure an online bingo license
  • Casino operating license
  • Pool betting operation license
  • General betting operation license
  • Lottery operation betting license
  • Betting intermediary license
Learning How to Abide by the Online Gambling Laws in UK

All of these must be carefully considered by online gambling operators so that they will not be charge with any offense. It will also be best if they may consider any professional help in securing their license so that everything will be complied and processed accordingly. If any of you is planning to operate any online gambling business in UK, you know what you need.


Is Internet Gambling Legal or Illegal

Gaming and gambling are now considered as the most powerful entertainment. But not just that, these sectors have been taking a great leap with the breakthrough of internet where almost all that one can play in land-based casinos can be played online. However, such entertainment is under controversies in around the world.

Is Internet Gambling Legal or Illegal

Now a question arises: Is online or internet gambling legal or not? With this, different countries have taken different legal actions. Primarily, legislations concerning online gambling are being based on the cultural background of a certain country. That is why, we can really say that there is no any online gambling law that could be universally applied and so, both operators and players are advised to take into account the legalities and comply with their local laws imposed.

Complying with the local laws concerning online gambling is really important so as to not to end up forfeiting winnings or worst being put in prison or getting fined. Such has caused problems for many online players especially in the United States where many have faced legal battles with their local government.

Is Internet Gambling Legal or Illegal

Almost all websites have provided the terms and conditions sections that must be read and understood by the users before registering. However, only a few responsible online users are doing it. Thus, they end up in legal battles instead for getting entertained and win prizes.

There are approximately 70 countries from around the world legalizing online gambling in their territory. These countries include France and Canada. Countries like India and Russia have not legalized online gambling. While some other countries have legalized them with certain conditions provided by the legislations imposed. If you are not certain of the online gambling laws in your area, then just take a little while to do a research before engaging on such.